PQage Evolution Cinderella Treatment

The PQage Evolution Cinderella Treatment peel is a new treatment that improves skin tension and reduces discoloration in the face and body. It is an ideal solution for people who prefer painless and non-invasive treatments. Thanks to the combination of TCA acid, urea peroxide, kojic acid and coenzyme Q10, one treatment effectively revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin and evens out the color. Another advantage of PQ AGE is the lack of a convalescence period after the procedure.

PQ AGE Evolution Cinderella Treatment is an innovative biorevitalization peel for the skin, in addition to the PRX T-33 it contains antioxidants, and TCA 34%, without peeling skin thanks to its new formula.

PQA is a valuable gel with a unique composition for an immediate result. A formulation specifically studied by Promoitalia research to regenerate the skin in a pleasing and non-invasive way. The application is performed through a delicate and pleasant massage that immediately gives amazing results.

PQAge Evolution is recommended for:

  • Revitalize the skin of the face, neck, décolleté, inner thighs, arms and breast
  • The treatment of sensitive and delicate skin

Great for skin that is noticing:

  • Skin tension and firmness loss
  • Grey coloured, tired skin
  • Scars, blemishes, imperfections


  • Immediate anti-aging effect
  • Visible improvement of skin tension and brightness
  • Face, neck and cleavage revitalization
  • Skin smoothing and blackheads reduction
  • Discoloration elimination

ACTIVE Ingredients:

Trichloroacetic acid 34% (TCA) – brightens and smoothes the skin, narrows pores, eliminates discoloration and small scars

Kojic acid – antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant, combats pigmentation spots

Urea peroxide – brightens and softens the skin

Coenzyme Q10 – energy source, neutralizes free radicals

PQAge Peeling is a perfect for people who are looking for expedited results. PQA is a modern formula That stimulates internal renewal and intensely regenerates the deepest layers of the skin in a very gentle manner.

PQAge Evolution Cinderella Treatment may be used all year round, even during the summer season. It is not photosensitizing and is suitable for all skin types.

PQAGE Evolution Cinderella Treatment is a pleasant and relaxing treatment, also suitable for sensitive skin. The advantage of this peeling, in comparison with other similar treatments, is the lack of skin flaking. Depending on the skin condition and the expected effects, it should be repeated every 10 days and performed in 4 or 5 series. Excellent results can also be achieved if you decide to combine this treatment with traditional mesotherapy.