Micro-Current Organic Facial

Contouring Lifting Micro-Current Organic Facial

Microcurrent facial is known to be the most effective non-surgical method to take years off the face. Our Microcurrent facial treatments take the efficacy of microcurrent facial to a new level by pairing it with gentle, restorative acupuncture points used on the body to rebalance the constitution. Along with award winning Éminence Organics skin care products, this combination provides dramatic results and is incredibly relaxing. Since microcurrent is sub-sensory, and since our gentle acupuncture is so stress releasing, most patients fall asleep during treatments.

Microcurrent facials are like a gym workout for your face. The muscles on the face start going south, just like everything else. We have to keep it fit. So, we use current to stimulate the muscle, starting low then increasing gradually until you have the firmness you would like.

Microcurrent facials keep skin firm. Results are the eyes will be lifted, the forehead gets tighter, and you’ll see more of an awakened look. It also stimulates collagen, so you’ll have a fuller look as well. Collagen is the main protein the body has to build muscle. As we age, we lose collagen.

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