Meet the owner, Gosia B. Along with owning Williamsburg Organic Spa for over ten years now, she also has over twenty years of experience as a European esthetician. Gosia has made it her goal to leave every single client that walks through her door, with a smile. She is also very passionate about ensuring that her clients receive the best service experience and are given the highest quality products. She makes sure all of her employees are properly trained and up to date on new technological advances in the spa industry. If you want high quality, innovative technology, and 100% organic treatments, Williamsburg Organic Spa will be your go-to spa!


Williamsburg Organic Spa is committed to:
1. Serve with care and compassion
2. Support and celebrate a diverse clientele and workforce
3. Using products that are free of chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances, and always cruelty-free.
4. Supporting a sustainable and ecologically responsible way of offering therapeutic and results-driven treatments.
5. Using natural and organic ingredients in our treatments
6. Be actively involved in our local Brooklyn New York
7. Inspire insight through awareness
8. Listen to our guests and gather industry best practices so we will continuously improve

Spa products Williamsburg Organic Spa

We believe that beauty is a feeling, not a physical attribute. Skincare doesn’t need to be complicated. For all faces, change is possible. Our results are both instant and lasting, and leave people emotionally charged. We challenge the status quo and aim to turn the skincare industry upside down with our revolutionary techniques, products and philosophy.


Williamsburg Organic Spa