DNA cryostem cell facial

Revolutionary new treatment: DNA cryostem cell facial.

Williamsburg Organic Spa have a big passion for staying on top of the latest scientific breakthroughs in the industry, and we’re thrilled to introduce our new DNA CryoStem Cell Facial to you! This revolutionary treatment is based on Nobel Prize-winning research and was introduced by Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Ronald Moy. It was initially only available at the Four Seasons in Westlake Village in Los Angeles, but now Williamsburg Beauty Spa offers the DNA CryoStem Cell Facial as well! Want to know more about this truly groundbreaking treatment that’s making a name as a non-invasive alternative to a facelift? Read on…


The Role of DNA in Aging

Why does our skin get wrinkled over time? Because our cells get older, and as they get older they start cooperating less well. They lose efficiency, get damaged, and even die. This all has to do with DNA. Every cell in your body contains DNA, which contains not just the blueprint of a specific cell, but of your entire being.

Nobel Prize winning Professor Alexis Carrel and Swiss Doctor Niehans of the Clarens Clinic then made a stunning discovery while doing research on embryo extracts: They found that when and old cell comes into contact with a new cell, the new cell reprograms that old cell, making it function like new. Cells do this by exchanging DNA.

What Are Stem Cells?

So new cells are very useful for rejuvenating old cells, like skin cells. The difficulty with new cells though, is that they are extremely rare. Cells take on specific roles very early on: They become blood cells, brain cells and skin cells, for example, all before we’re even born. And once a cell has taken on a function, you can’t “re-assign” it. That’s where stem cells come in. Stem cells are cells that aren’t assigned to a task yet. They contain flawless DNA information and are able to become every cell they come in contact with.

The DNA CryoStem Cell Facial’s stem cells are gained from bovine (cow) amniotic fluid. But don’t worry about the cows; They live on a free-range farm in the French Alps, receive organic feed and are a hormone, steroid and antibiotic free. The amniotic procedure is also painless, and the cows replenish their stem cells within 8 hours. The stem cells are then stored cryogenically, aka frozen. This is because at medium or high temperatures the cells decay and loses their value.


The DNA CryoStem Cell Facial

It’s a 100% natural, FDA approved, and chemical and preservative free. It starts off with a thorough cleanse. After that, you’ll receive a microdermabrasion: a deep exfoliation of epidermal skin cells with the help of tiny crystals. This will enable the CryoStem Cell serum to penetrate the skin better and deeper. Then DNA’s CryoStem Cell serum is applied. This serum consists of organic vitamins, minerals, essential fats, enzymes, natural antioxidants and stem cells. The DNA CryoStem Cell Facial lasts 60 minutes costs $250. Williamsburg Beauty Spa now offers $50 off for first time DNA facials! Book an appointment online Now.

DNA CryoStem Cell Facial Results

Because the stem cells will adapt to your skin and restore and reprogram your old skin cells, your skin will not only feel younger, it will be younger. The DNA CryoStem Cell Facial has been clinically proven to enhance skin cell growth by 71%. This process will last for days after your treatment, peaking at 6 days. It’s not without reason DNA CryoStem Cell Facial is being helmed as the non-invasive alternative to facelifts. The DNA CryoStem Cell Facial remedies wrinkles, fine lines, aging spots, scars, acne scars, bags under the eyes, uneven complexity and even laxness of skin in the neck and chest area.


How Many DNA CryoStem Cell Facial Treatments Do I Need?

Results are immediate, and keep increasing over 6 days. However, to also affect the deeper layers of skin and get the best long-term results, it’s recommended that you get 6 treatments over two months. Each treatment will progressively increase results, and after 6 treatments most layers of the skin will have been improved. After that occasional treatment as a booster are optional.

DNA Facial After Care

The serum used in the DNA CryoStem Cell Facial will continue to sink into your skin throughout the night. That’s why we recommend that you don’t work out, wash, or put on make-up after your DNA Facial.

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