European Facial
European Facial

(This facial doesn’t include extraction)


What Is A European Facial Treatment?

The mother of all facials. Cleanser, toner, moisturizer, mask, massage cream. Most European facials consist of four basics steps.

After the initial skin analysis, cleansing is begun by securing the hair then using cotton pads, sponges, and wipes to clean the face. Cleansing helps to remove impurities and remove makeup. This helps the esthetician to closely examine the skin condition. This way they can see whether your skin is combination, oily, dry.

Exfoliation is an essential part of a European facial. Here the professional will either use a chemical or mechanical exfoliation to loosen the bond between dead and living skin cells.

Treatment Mask:
Based on the skin analysis the Esthetician will pick out a mask that is right for you. Either it will draw out impurities, clear up blemishes, tone and tighten the skin, and also hydrate, calm the skin.

Neck and shoulder massage is my favorite part and you will always find this as part of a European Facial. A massage rejuvenates and revitalizes the client. It also helps increases relaxation, circulation and metabolism, and product penetration.

Completion of Service:
This is the close of the facial where toners, serums, eye and lip treatments, moisturizers, and sunscreen will be applied. Then your Esthetician will tell you what you should do next. Be it home care or you making your next follow-up appointment.


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